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For all farmers, and workers in the field of water exploration, and exploration companies who search for water underground in the world We offer you today, the latest water detection techniques. The modern and newest device between all devices that detect underground water BR 700 PRO device is made and developed during the 10 years of research and experiments in BR System American factory This product is made to be the first device in the world and the best between all other devices. It was made in a professional ways and high quality and unique specifications which make it a sophisticated detector for underground water detecting. Through this device the user can navigate and locate water places in the area that we want to scan ,and we can identify the most powerful points in that area.

It has been provided with feature to know the depth of water in exact number, and appear on the screen and we can get knowledge about waterpower in details.

BR 700 PRO can distinguish between fresh, salt, and mineral water and in the case of the discovery of water immediately shows the water type on the screen if fresh or salty or mineral water

Device specifications

– The device has a modern LCD screen provided with operating program (Software) that is modern and easy to use.
– BR 700-Pro can detects to 700m as depth underground (From 1 cm up to 700 meters underground)
– Specifies the location of the water completely and identify strongest point of water within an area of up to 1000m
– Working to determine the waterpower which allowing the user to see if the discovered water is shallow water or heavy water
– The device appears on the screen automatically and immediately type of discovered water fresh water -salt water -mineral water
– Accurate and current property offers new positive service to many of the ranchers who own salt water in their farms, but they are looking to fresh water
– Anyone can use this device with ease. Unlike many other devices that are difficult for some prospectors working on them easily
– Provides the user a lot of effort and time and fatigue during the search can provide a full survey of the land to be scanned within a few minutes
– Signals and accuracy of the device isn’t affected at all by the rocky soil or sand or mud
– The device is equipped with a fully electronic system to work without using any additional accessory
– This machine is capable of working at temperatures ranging from 20 degrees below zero to 55 degrees Celsius
– Works on 12-volt battery and operate for 12 hours
– Light weight and ergonomic device
– The device is made from high-quality and durability electronic plastics
– Device’s languages: English, French.

Device components

1. The main unit of the device installed on the top of the device
2. probes (4 metal probes )
3. cables to connect between probes (4 cables)
4. The main device battery 12-volt
5. Bag device installed inside all parts and components.
6. Device Charger
7. User’s Manual
8. warranty for 3 years
9. Made in USA


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