Sokkia Cygnus Reflectorless Total Station – 2LS Group


Sokkia Cygnus Reflectorless Total Station – 2LS Group

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The Sokkia DX 200 Series Motorized Total Station provides surveying professionals with accurate measurements in the field.The reflectorless total station includes Direct Aiming Technology, powerful EDM, exclusive Long Range Communication technology and 3,280 foot range, making the DX 200?
Series an asset to any surveying job.The DX also includes a special angle measurement system (IACS), which guarantees reliable angle measurements every time. Its internal Magnet field onboard software?
simplifies the process of calculating surveying or engineering measurements. And secure all your data with the built-in, cloud-based TSshield security system for your?
total station.?The TSshield security system is an online portal that shows the location of the DX total station and allows you to unlock or lock its functions from a distance. This?
is especially useful if your total station is ever lost or stolen. TSshield even sends you firmware updates from your total station?s control panel. You can also?
manage the operating time of the DX with TSshield.The DX series is ideal suited for jobs that require the highest accuracy with simple operation. Its Direct Aiming technology, featuring a new intelligent algorithm?
that automatically aims to the prisms, ensures precision readings and layout are achieved.

1-second accuracy500 MB internal memory3,280 foot reflectorless rangeLong-range BluetoothWorks with RCPR5 remote systemOptical plummet and laser pointerAuto-pointing technology for targeting prism with push of a button?Self-adjusting angle calibration provides extremely accurate angle measurementOnboard MAGNET Field software for COGO calculations onsiteCoaxial EDM laser and laser pointerRed or green guide light assists in viewing directions during stake pointEDM trigger key for quick measurementTSshield security system for theft protection or unauthorized usageUSB and RS-232C serial portUp to 5-hour battery lifeWater resistant and dustproof to IP-65Large single color LCD touchscreenAlphanumeric keyboard
Includes:(1) Sokkia DX-201AC 1 Second Motorized Total Station(1) USB memory key(1) Lens cap(1) Lens hood(1) Lens brush(1) Hard carrying case(1)Carrying strap for carrying case(1)Screwdriver(1) Tool pouch(1) Laser caution sign board(2) Adjusting pin(1) Cleaning cloth(2) Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries?(1) Battery charger(1) Power cable(1) User’s manual2-year manufacturer’s warranty


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