Topcon LN-100 Layout Navigator


Topcon LN-100 Layout Navigator

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By blending our self-leveling laser and robotic total station technologies, Topcon created a new way to perform construction and BIM layout. Simply position and turn on the layout navigator to self-level and connect, automatically. Control the LN-100 with either the full-capability MAGNET Field data collection software, or with MAGNET Construct, the no-cost Android app.
Single-operator solution for precise 3D layout
Easy one-button self-leveling setup
Wireless license free communication
Out of the box usage with no-cost MAGNET Construct app on any Android device

The Topcon LN-100 Layout Navigator with Wifi is a simple 3D laser positioning tool for all construction layout applications. Combining self-leveling laser and robotic total station technologies, this Topcon layout tool automatically turns to layout points and tracks a standard prism up to 328 feet working radius. It is self-leveling within ?3 degrees and has an accuracy of up to ?1/8 inch at 164 feet (?1.5 mm at 50m).

With a built-in wireless ready connection, the LN-100 construction layout laser can be controlled using a data collector with Magnet Field surveying software or with the no-cost Android app called Magnet Construct. In addition, this Topcon layout navigator features an integrated laser plummet for quick tripod setups and a 360-degree horizontal coverage.

Compact, rugged, and lightweight, the Topcon LN-100 robotic layout navigator has a completely sealed dustproof and water resistant housing. Plus, has an easy-grip carrying handle and a battery life of up to five hours.


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