TRIMBLE S8 Total Stations


TRIMBLE S8 Total Stations

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Delivering major workflow innovations for both typical surveying and specialized
applications, you now have the power to redefine your performance potential.

The Most Advanced Total Station Platform
The most demanding jobs require the most advanced total station in the industry. Whether you need solutions to drive productivity for day to day survey tasks or precision solutions for demanding engineering projects, the Trimble S8 is the most advanced total station solution available today. You can do more and do it better with the most innovative and advanced total station available today.
The new Trimble S8 Total Station provides a broad base of standard inclusions and configuration options for unmatched flexibility*:
Video-Assisted Control
With Trimble VISION you can see everything the instrument sees, without a trip back to the instrument.
Select targets with just a tap of the controller screen
Measurements are drawn to the video image, so you can be certain to never miss a shot you need.
Video-Assisted Documentation
Leave the site with more than just coordinates. With the Trimble S8, live images are captured with point-and-click efficiency.
Document important visual information like site conditions and details
Easily recall what was at the scene
Long-Range Accuracy
With the exceptional EDM1 range of Trimble DR Plus inside, you can extend your reach on the job for fewer setups and more measurements.
Precision Built
Angular accuracies of up to .5, combined with the Trimble DR High Precision EDM, provides the flexibility to tackle the most demanding projects.
Trimble FineLock technology allows the instrument to detect targets without interference from surrounding prisms for precision-build applications


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